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El Gouna is known as The Red Sea Riviera, Egypt’s east coast is extremely rich in beauty. Boasting crystal clear waters, coral reefs, abundant sea life and world-class diving spots, it has certainly made its mark on the map. For those who prefer to stay above water and/or on shore, the views from El Gouna are still simply breathtaking. If you fly into Hurghada during the day, you get a different perspective and the height allows you to take in a lot more of the turquoise views than land possibly could. But this all goes to show that there should indeed be places all over the shoreline to help people relax and enjoy Egypt’s best. And so, Samih Sawiris and Orascom Hotels and Development set up Marina’s in El Gouna, not only to host restaurants and entertainment but also house the yachts that are proudly docked there today.

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