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Bayou Makadi

At Bayou Makadi, you can connect from the comfort of your home. With our fully amenitized beach club only a short walk away, and downtown nearby, you can stay close to the action while in your space, so unwind, sit back and relax.

At Bayou, you can access our serene and spectacular lagoon. Whether up close or from the comfort of your window-side, let the lagoon add to your exquisite Bayou view. Featuring stylish sunny apartments, and vast green areas, Bayou is designed to bring the outside in. Embodying maximum comfort and accessibility, we’ve kept amenities and services closeby.

Each cluster of apartments has access to a large communal pool and is surrounded by promenades, walking and cycling trails and tranquil outdoor seating areas.

Bayou apartments come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of every family, with options of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. The designs are integrated into the landscape, letting light and greenery in while standing out as supremely stylish, making a graceful statement alongside the Red Sea landscape.

Makadi Heights

Makadi Heights is a town built over 3.4 million square meters planned for development, with an elevation reaching 78 meters above sea level guaranteeing magnificent panoramic sea views residential units.

Envisioned as a comprehensive town, marked by an astounding landscape, Makadi Heights provides everything you need to get away and enjoy your retreat, all year round.
Minutes away from major cities, with amenities that ensure you’ll never need to interrupt your time, Makadi Heights is an all-inclusive town, planned for simple, effortless convenience.

Shopping, leisure and entertainment facilities are all integrated within the development. There is no need to go elsewhere; just relax and enjoy a new, carefree lifestyle in a spectacular elevated location.
Makadi Heights covers an area of 3.4 million square meters with more than 85% of its total area dedicated to green areas, water features and open spaces.

Bayou Makadi

Makadi Heights By Orascom Development


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